"I've been robbing banks for 30 years."

– Johnny (from Corona Marfa)


Corona Marfa

A pandemic confession that stretches the social contract: After too much tequila and a lifetime of a secret too big to keep, a traveling carpenter confesses to a couple of locals in Marfa, TX that he has robbed banks for 30 years. Not sure whether to believe him, root him on, or kick him to the curb, they keep him talking to find a hole in his story.

Surrealist Café

Surrealist Café is a one act play about the human river, where anything can happen, and does.

Tingles Detox

A short noir about the narcissistic nihilism in detoxing.


Revolución a Las Seis = angst and nihilism

Sunday in summer in the South is the original southern Burroughs

Rando Poetreo is some of the rest